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My life really began when I got my first motorcycle when I was 16.    
This allowed the start of travel. My first big adventure was to the Isle of Man with a huge old FIVE POUND note from my uncle.
A keen interest in photography led me into cameras and a photographic business which I took over and built up with Hi Fi and especially video.
 I sold the business in 1991 to begin my life of freedom and travel....it's just a shame that retirement normally means you are too old to travel ........but my advice is just do it......

Latest News !!

Terry and Di have tied the knot - after 40 years of courtship it's finally happened


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   Terry's Travels
  Mixed Travelling You name it - Air - Sea - Motorcycle - Car - Donkey !
  Motor Home Travelling 'Mercie' is Terry's Mercedes Hymer Motor Home
  Motorcycle Travelling Take your pick - He's spoilt for choice!
  RTW1 Round the World Millennium Trip   The concept was to see the first rays of the New Millennium sun at the earths most Easterly land mass - Gisburn, New Zealand but with existing places en route
  RTW2 Round the World Trip Six month trip starting in Florida/Andes/Chile/Easter Island/Tahiti/NZ (motorcycle both islands) OZ and home 
  TT3 USA Northern States by Motorcycle

A new Triumph Bonneville and American Pals do Sturgis etc

TT4 New Zealand and Australia by Motorcycle

A trip to Southern Hemisphere with motorcycling in New Zealand and a tour of South Africa

  TT5 'Mercie' does it with the Euro The Euro helps travel through Europe in Mercie the Motor home
  TT6 France and Spain France and Bayeux tapestry and pals reunion in Marbella having reached Southern Spain by motor home
  TT7 Hong Kong/Cebu/NZ Friends in the Philippines en route to NZ
  TT9 - V-ROD in the US of A An Ultimate Motorcycle Experience with American Pals
  TT10 Bankok and NZ Xmas Journey to Living in NZ

TT11 Europe in 'Mercie'

We start to become Grand Prix groupies
  TT12 Florida to Iowa A V-Rod trip up the Mississippi Valley and small and twisty roads
  TT13 UK and Scotland Trips in England and over the border to Scotland just
  TT14 Mexico Wilderness/ Phillip Island/ NZ A motorcyclists ultimate, on and off road
  TT15 European Car Trip Trip in Audi through France-Spain-Portugal-Spain-France and back to the UK
TT17 Emirates to New Zealand
Stopover in rapidly expanding Dubai before arriving "home" in Nelson New Zealand
  TT18 Motorhome Trip Puerto Banus in Mercie, France-Germany-Czech R-Germany-Holland
  TT21 Motorhome Trip Americas Cup - Florence/Wedding/Slovenia/Croatia/
  TT22 Motorhome Trip Europe and Morocco
  TT23 Florida to Chile Start Westwards around the world to New Zealand via Florida/Brazil/Argentina/Chile
TT24 New Zealand From Xmas 2007 Life in New Zealand with motorcycles, sun, beach and very social life
  TT25 Return to UK via Shanghai  
  TT26 And So To Europe For more MotoGP's and see more of Eastern Europe
  TT27 Motorhome Trip - Europe Again Mid Summer in Central Europe onboard ‘Mercie’
  TT28 UK to New Zealand to New Zealand via Dubai, Malaysia,Thailand and Brisbane
  TT29 New Zealand to UK from New Zealand via Tonga, Cancun, and CUBA
  TT30 Two American Coasts Two American Coasts and Good Touring In Between
  TT31 Back in UK and Off Again Back in UK and off to Europe.
  TT32 Misty Yorkshire to Tropical Dubai Cambodia – OZ and "home" in NZ
  TT33 New Zealand to Tropical Dubai Leaving New Zealand for UK via Shanghai and Dubai
  TT34 Cool Uk to HOT Spain Motorhome from Spain returning via France to UK
  TT35 Big UK Party and Ireland Big Party and Car Grand Tour of the UK
  TT36 Mercie to Spain and France Mercie goes via Aragon to Southern Spain with motorcycle
  TT37 Long Hot Kiwi Summer Back to NZ for the Summer then to UK again
  TT38 Summer in Europe Spain/French Alps/N Italy, wonderful Austria and summertime in Bavaria with motorhome and motorcycle
  TT39 To Italy and Sicily From UK as autumn approaches via France down the full length of Italy and into Sicily with a few days back in Rome to see the sights
  TT40 To Uk via Singapore and Europe From NZ via Brisbane,Singapore, Dubai, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and back to the UK
  TT41 Autumn and Winter in the UK Spending time in the UK sorting houses, motorhomes, garages, bikes, bodies and loved ones....
  TT42 NZ Summer, wonderful autumn and Mercie is sold...
  TT43 UK Wedding and Honeymoon after 40 years !
  TT44 Dubai, OZ and NZ Family holiday in Dubai and onwards to NZ ...

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